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Perhaps The World Isn't As Mundane As We Tend To Believe - Time Traveling Abe Lincoln

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Usually, when I am researching a topic, I come across clips or photos that cause a knee-jerk reaction of "what the hell is that?" "That can't be real," etc. Most of the time, there isn't much I can do with them at first; perhaps they will be used in a video down the line, but either way, if it's interesting or strange, then people should see them!


I will be posting some unbelievable, mysterious, and straight-up cool clips on here whenever I come across them.

I came across this video the other day, and it is certainly a head-scratcher.

I've been thinking about the theory regarding Donald Trumps Grandfather, John Trump, and how he was the individual sent to collect the Tesla Papers. This all ties into The Baron Trump novels.

The Baron Trump novels are two children's novels written in 1889 and 1893 by the American author and lawyer Ingersoll Lockwood. They remained obscure until 2017 when they received media attention for perceived similarities between their protagonist and U.S. President Donald Trump.

I'll be either doing a video about this or writing a detailed post regarding it because this theory certainly catches my attention and the parallels are uncanny.

For example - Here are just a few of the similarities between the novel and reality but it goes much further than this.

Baron Trump lives in a building named after himself, "Castle Trump"; while the real-life Donald Trump had lived in Trump Tower for decades. Furthermore, Donald Trump's youngest son is named Barron Trump. Chris Riotta noted in Newsweek that Baron Trump's adventures begin in Russia. Riotta also mentioned another book of Ingersoll's, 1900; or, The Last President, in which New York City is riven by protests following the shock victory of a populist candidate in the 1896 presidential election who brings on the downfall of the American republic.

Okay, after a tangent; I came across this video and thought with everything going on in our country this election cycle, it wouldn't surprise me if Abe Lincoln had to come back to see the chaos for himself, and if the Trump family has access to the Tesla Papers; then who knows.

After the year we have had...would anything surprise you?

Working on some new content for the website, more videos for the channel, and hoping to start getting ready for a live show but that is months and months away.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay positive.


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