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The Smithsonian new FUTURES exhibit asks visitors when we'll see One World Government. Crazy.

Well, this is crazy.

The Smithsonian Institution's new FUTURES exhibit asks attendees when they think we will see a "single global government."

The FUTURES exhibit is located in the Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building (AIB) in Washington, D.C., which has been closed to the public for 20 years. The museum's grand opening was Nov. 20. Some sponsors for the exhibit include Ford, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Comcast NBC Universal and the NFL.

The global government question appears on a screen inside the exhibit that allows visitors to wave their hands in front of a camera to select an answer to the questions that show up.

"When might there be a single global government?" reads the question.

The answers that someone can choose from include time frames ranging from 10 years to 100 years or never.

I'll go with...never!

Another question on the screen at the exhibit asks the public: "Which of these events might unite different people most effectively?"

The answers that users can select include "shared world government, virtual reality travel, a universal language, an alien invasion, or none of the above."

Well, they give you some interesting choices. The virtual reality travel? Sounds like the Metaverse.

A universal language? This is actually one of the "commandments" listed on the Georgia Guidestones.

This is the third "commandment" on the list of ten.

Or an alien invasion? Oh, you mean Project Blue Beam?

Frankly, I can't believe this exhibit exists.

When I am creating videos, the one-world government topic comes up rather frequently, with most people dismissing it as an insane conspiracy theory. Personally, I cannot stress how naive that sentiment is considering how often this concept is brought up by world leaders.

The COP26 climate conference for example stresses the importance of uniting the world under one effectively combat the climate crisis.

But that's not all...

The world leaders have also created a global corporate tax to go along with their Paris Climate Accords.

"The global government question evokes parallels to the news that the Biden administration has reached an agreement with other G-20 countries on a global minimum corporate tax."

All of these moves consolidate power, centralize that power, and enable a framework for the global government.

The vaccine passport is the first step towards implementing this new system, it is not about health, but rather linking everyone to the digital ID concept.

Once you are on that grid, a universal surveillance and tracking system that includes every single human being on the planet, and coincides with a unique QR code. It is essentially the barcoding humans project and allows for medical surveillance, bio-metric data harvesting, location tracking, linking your financial records, criminal records, government databases, and even shopping history.

Every single thing you do and every move you make is able to be logged and reviewed later, but it also allows for the implementation of a social credit score.

This is enabled through the campaign to end anonymity on the internet...this will also be complete via the digital ID and the creation of the unique QR codes.

It is through these cloak and dagger moves - that people are unsuspectingly giving up their ability to travel freely, manage their finances in private, having their medical information remain confidential, and all of this will essentially equate to giving up free will.

You are actively giving these authoritarian regimes complete access to your life and giving them enough ammunition to lock you down forever.


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