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Robert David Steele Has A Suggestion...

The Deep State's true depths are unknown, but the larger picture is beginning to come into view.

Especially with everything these corrupt actors have put the nation through over the last four years and all of the moves they have made to dissolve the United States as we know it - I am of the mindset of NO DEALS.

They have defrauded the People of their votes, sold out to foreign entities, transferred wealth from the middle class to the richest, destroyed small businesses, installed draconian lock-down measures, developed and pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax, destroyed longstanding American Institutions, utilized the media propagandists to brainwash the masses, instilled hate for the country in our youth, paid for and allowed riots, developed a toxic culture dedicated to isolating opposing political views, embraced soviet style censorship and they actively sought to degrade the education system. That's not all however; they have laid out their plans for the future as well by promising to continue installing mass surveillance, adding more strict regulations on internet censorship, ending the second amendment, packing the supreme court, adding two new states, finishing the electoral college, and they have discussed tossing aside the constitution. The plan to wrap up all of those details into one cohesive Orwellian nightmare is based on their collusion with the World Economic Forum and the UN to begin The Great Reset.

It is all a means to an end…

That is only the tip of the iceberg, and the laundry list of despicable and traitorous acts continues well beyond this. Those are just the most recent transgressions of the soulless elites. If we go into the past, which I may do so for a post soon, but nonetheless, the list would be far, far longer. So, Robert David Steele...sum up my sentiments please. (Except as I said before - I believe we are well-passed deals)


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