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What's The Point With This Lin Wood Voting Record Argument?

While on twatter, I came across someone posting Lin Woods voting history, and along with the images, they said, "Lin Wood Has Never Voted In A Republican Primary."

Okay, so the argument must be that Lin Wood is a registered Democrat. Now, the main reason for the "big reveal" is that today, during the election fraud press conference/rally in Georgia, Lin Wood exposed that the Republican Politicians in the state are actively working against Trump and taking illegal payments from the CCP.

Georgia's situation is similar to all of the other contested states; however, we are seeing a level of corruption and incompetence here that is well beyond what we have seen to date.

Despite a court order, the officials are moving to erase the servers holding the election data. They are also responsible for changing election laws leading up to November 3rd. Then, multiple videos have come out of Georgia showing suspicious activity, missing ballets, and supervisors begin confronted with the fact that mysterious boxes full of votes just miraculously appeared.

All of this is ruffling the establishment's feathers because with the Senate Run-off race, and they believe these corruption charges will cause a rift between the people and the voting booths during the election.

However, pointing out the Lin wood is a registered democrat doesn't prove anything at all. It shows that despite party affiliation when you cross the line into the treason territory, you can't just hold a blind and forget about it.

This is systemic - This is foreign interference, and politicians selling out to the CCP is not only treasonous but is an attack on our nation from an adversary. If we reverse roles for a hypothetical, and the United States made regular payments to foreign politicians to do our bidding…it wouldn't fly. It can't here either.

As we know about the CCP's 3F plan, this is the one other possibility in which they target politicians, get them in compromised positions, and use it to blackmail them. The three F's stand for "fall, fail, and fell" to weaken, destroy and kill America! Their words…

Unfortunately, if this is true, there is no going back. We will be in for a rough ride, and this level of subversion only leads to one place, and that place is a battlefield.

Can you imagine the implications of United States Politicians directly working with another nation to undermine the will of the people?

We do know that the Chinese Communist Party owns dominion. They own 75 percent of the company that handles our vote tabulation. How do people not see an issue here?

It's not a partisan issue, and tribalism is detrimental to both the political process and society as a whole. Suppose you take a moral or principled stance towards retaining freedoms and justice for everyone. In that case, you're much better off – the party lines are just another tool in their belt; this is also a dividing tactic, easily deployed against the public to keep us distracted.

We can unite under a call to freedom. The constitution is here for a reason. It is actually mind-blowing how many people are ready to dismantle the United States and ignorantly walk into the abyss.

A history lesson is needed, and I know that sounds arrogant and pretentious, but the thing is…I believe most people don't realize just how much life would suck if we lose what little freedom we have left.

Without checks and balances on the government…it all goes out the window.

They will walk all over you

Even more, than they do now.


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