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What Kind Of Future Do You Want? A Techno-Fascist Dystopia?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

We are in a situation where the world leaders are colluding to subjugate the world’s population under insane authoritarian control mechanisms. Every project, every proposal, every move being made adds to surveillance, monitoring movements, actions, opinions but also normalizes persecution and punishment for dissent.

We are falling into a trap – governments are developing proposals to merge corporate powers with govt enforcement – economic fascism. This is happening all around us – the propaganda adds to the dire predicament. The pandemic offered opportunities for them to practice psychological warfare on innocent civilians. People are becoming more divided, politically alienated, and are more susceptible to group mentalities. By pushing acceptance through holding political opinion and the popularization of shaming those who think for themselves, the world leaders are fostering a system that is based on political tribalism - us vs them. By using these social engineering techniques and by using technological manipulation as their main tool of persuasion; the powers at be are distracting the people with infighting while they make it out the back door holding the bag of cash.

They are developing a scenario that will inevitably lead to a two tiered society – a ruthless elite class that can never be voted out of power – they are using fear as a mode of changing election rules, increasing their power, and as a way of purging the ranks of free thinkers. The only ones left will be those who comply with their orders – it’s all about control, power, and greed.

Revolutions are predicated on the revelation that the people are being used as pawns in a larger game, one that doesn’t take heed of their expectations, their needs, and their freedom.

We are soon approaching that precipice moment. We need to expose people to this truth – it’s not a choice between citizen factions – it’s a choice between modern technological slavery and independence. More eyes are being opened to this truth everyday & now all that is left is for you to choose – what future do you want?

Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050, Build Back Better, The Green New Deal, And The 4th Industrial Revolution = The Great Reset.

They are one and the same. The Great Reset is the most consequential story in modern history and will set the trajectory of the human race. This will affect the lives of every single person on the planet; for the next hundred years. The global elites are conning the world into this new authoritarian global system & it’s based upon fascist economic principles. Mussolini coined the term corporatism and it reflects the merging of corporate and state powers.

This is exactly what is happening…

This is a long con.

The propaganda arm of The Great Reset has coined a new term for this fascist system, and it’s called stakeholder capitalism. It is essentially a technocratic system and a return to feudalistic concepts. The elite will live like kings, never to be voted out of power, and the masses will be diluted into a commodity. A commodity that’s only purpose is to be exploited for profit.

We must fight against this agenda, our very lives depend on it, and while it sounds hyperbolic, this is the truth.

The people of the world need to have a revelatory moment and realize that they are being conned into giving up their freedom, their livelihoods, and accepting subjugation.

I hope the videos and articles I write aide in this realization; as we are at a critical juncture. The juncture where all roads meet – the crossroads of possible futures. We cannot go further without picking which path we take permanently.

This is it.

We have a choice between freedom and modern technological slavery.

Choose wisely.


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