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Tucker Carlson Being Spied On By The NSA

According to the Washington Post

"Analysis: Tucker Carlson is in a credibility battle with the NSA — and so far he’s losing."

State media running protection for a rogue government agency known for illegally spying on innocent civilians and the amount of people on social media who claim to be anti-establishment simultaneously protecting the federal governments political persecution; is a real sign of the times. Our ironic reality - that some how seems to go right over their head.

How can they not see the obvious and shameful hypocrisy in their viewpoints, their actions, and their sheer existence?


At some point we will have to move beyond political tribalism and stand together against the authoritarian machine.

This is crazy.

The part that really gets me is the fact that so many are making excuses for the government in this scenario. If we can't agree on this...that the government and intelligence agencies should never spy on innocent civilians due to a political agenda - then we are already doomed.

Propagandists & the useful idiot statists are creating a scenario that there is no coming back from-once we accept this as being apart of "the new normal" full on tyrannical authoritarian measures & political persecution come next.

They don't even realize what they're walking into...


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