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They Blocked Trumps Attempt At Troop Withdrawal & Now This?

"Harris says she was the last person in the room with President Biden when he made the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan: "I have seen him over and over again make decisions based exactly on what he believes is right"

The reason for the complete cognitive dissonance regarding this can only be rationalized in one of three ways…

1. Establishment politicians don't realize Trump clips are still available on the internet?

2. Do they believe we all forgot that Trump was pushing for troop withdrawal & was lied to about troop #s in an attempt to stop it?

3. Or are they that confident in their big tech censorship?

Either way…they are lying to everyone about the details and were just delaying the Troop withdrawal so Biden could take credit.

I still doubt the current administration will follow through with this, and instead, something will happen to necessitate staying in the middle east. After all, they have reversed Trump's actions on domestic oil production, ensuring that we are no longer energy-independent and the oil must come from somewhere.

The Biden Administration could just buy all of our nation's oil from China which would aid in their mission of subjugating the United States to the whims of the CCP and further their initiative of replacing the US as the world's superpower.



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