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The Rich Support World War Three: A Case Of Ignorance & Shortsightedness

The global establishment are thinking about their great reset & new global system. The rich are thinking with their portfolios and stocks in raytheon. The well off - are supporting the establishment; hoping to level up in the monetary system.

The rest of those supporting global war, world war type of scenario, are so insulated, they don't realize the horror that this escalation will bring.

The question remains...what to do? It's a tough moral dilemma. 99 percent do not want people to maimed, killed, and hurt in a war. However, moral and emotional stimulus trends towards intervention & escalation. You cant have one without the other.

There is no easy answer. Putin is in fact killing innocent civilians & needs to be stopped but there are bigger global issues at play. World leaders aren't looking at it in simplistic terms.

They aren't looking at it as Invasion = bad. They are looking at it in a global positioning perspective, resources, their future plans, etc.

One major problem facing the public and the political commentators is shortsightedness. And the fact that they trained a large portion of the population to label anyone questioning the larger implications as a Russian asset.

This discourse alone (or lack of) is doing a massive disservice. I don't know what we are going to do but I know whichever road we take...wont be good.


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