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The Nazis Are Back - Austrian Lock-Down Of The UnVaxxed

Well, history repeats...the Nazis are back. They have been slowly crawling out of the shadows for at least a year now. The authoritarian aspect of human nature has been growing, spreading, and taking over rational minds. This has been a global phenomena and now it is at a new level.

At first we received reports that this decision "was in the cards" and a warning went out - Austria may become the first country in the world to impose a lock-down on just the unvaccinated among its population.

Well, The Austrian government made a determination on the two-tier lock-down system on Sunday. Officially, the decision has been made. A lock-down of the unvaccinated is being implemented.

Here we go. Another step towards this tyrannical future.

In this clip you can see the new Stasi Police entering a shop to check and see if any unvaccinated individuals are shopping. This is medical segregation, persecution, and escalates the tensions further.


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