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The Mysterious Box Of Ballots In Georgia - Video

This video is currently lighting the political sphere on fire. The clip clearly shows a mysterious ballot box being pulled out from underneath a table, but if that is not sketchy enough, let’s add some context to it.

1. A fake water main break is reported

2. The poll watchers (should always be present to ensure correct counting and verification of ballots) are asked to leave, and the individuals claim they are done counting for the day.

3. After they leave…this is when the woman pulls out the mysterious box.

4. Then they resume counting the fraudulent ballots without any oversight.

It is impossible to see this and believe there is no impropriety. It is not a question of where the box came from; it is a question of why did they ask the poll watchers to leave and then resume counting without anyone in the room to inspect and verify the count?

Shady, shady, shady

What’s funny is that the “fact checks” do not even address the main concerns and only focus on the fact that Rudy Giuliani called the ballot box a suitcase. With that misstep, they are able to print more bullshit – “it’s an official ballot box and not a suitcase,” therefore, the claim is considered false.

That is not the point…

Some people read that and move on, and that is the effectiveness of the medias’ MK Ultra style lies.

However, as it turns out, a water main didn’t break.

Watchers were asked to leave, and then, only then, were brought out and counted without oversight.

This is the kicker, in fact there are “thousands of ballots” encased in that box and that is well over the number required to flip the state back to Donald Trump.

They can’t do that, though…their handlers would not be happy.


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