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The Media Is Playing A Dangerous Game (CNN Clip)

These people need to be held accountable for their rhetoric. They are perpetuating hostility and violence toward innocent people. I wish I could ask every American how they feel about our media’s double standards and delusional nature. Also, I’d need to ask if they remember the riots that spread across the country, resulting in the destruction of small businesses, billions in damages, and innocent people being beaten in the streets due to political ideology...I would imagine they remember it all.

How is there such a disconnect with reality?

This sort of disgusting language tied into the already tense situation only leads one place…somewhere, as a nation, we never want to go.

How is it that these networks have so much sway over the behaviors of the citizenry? A couple of years ago, I would have disagreed with the effectiveness of their delusional coverage and hysteria, but now it appears as if they truly do control the minds of a large swath of the public. The demonization of more than half of the population wasn’t always championed as necessary discourse, but now here we are.

The political establishment and the “media” have created this environment over time; they seemingly have been hell-bent on tearing society apart at its seams. The warping of public conscience has led to a society where they feel censorship is acceptable, political violence is needed, and anyone who opposes your agenda should be subjected to public shaming, criminally charged, or physically assaulted.

After all the years of screaming about fascism in the name of Donald Trump, they have become the fascists.

With this rhetoric being acceptable, there is no doubt we are in dangerous times. All I hope is that the majority of society sees through their veneer of elitism and realizes that these individuals are daft, damaged, and out of touch with reality.

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