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Destroy Domestic Production. Kill The Reserves & Buy Electric From China. This is The Plan.

In documents from the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, it was revealed that Biden was working to land a deal in 2017 to transfer liquid natural gas from the US to a Chinese energy company.

On Tuesday, Breitbart revealed previously unreported on documents from he laptop that showed how Biden was shown using his family to leverage a deal with Chinese energy company CEFC.

This family has done more damage to the US than anyone in recent history. Using family to leverage their plan to destroy US industries?

Hunter has been caught using his family ties and what he claims was "access to decision makers" to ensure the required transfer approval of essential natural resources to foreign entities."

Foreign entities? That should read ENEMIES. They are destroying our energy sector and empowering our ENEMY.

Personally, I have no idea how there are still so many people who claim that this is not intentional. This is all intentional. There is absolutely no way it is not, all of their decisions equally hurt the US as much as they empower China. This is the "economic transformation & the destruction of fossil fuel industry" that remains a constant "promise" to useful idiot voters.

They simply do not understand the gravity of the situation and what this means for their quality of life. They do not understand the damage that this is going to cause and have yet to fully feel the effect of such reckless policies.

Hopefully, they are intelligent enough to connect the dots because once the bottom falls out...we are all going to be dealing with the fallout. Destroy domestic production. kill the reserves, buy electric from China. This is the plan.

They have been working at this for years. This is why Hunter Biden helped the CCP gain a stranglehold of certain precious metals (ie. cobalt mines)

The Green New Deal. This is what they pitched & they are trying it.

Now, before these corrupt politicians took power via their corrupt practices, the United States became energy independent and the world’s largest exporter.

Incredibly, the trump administration pulled this off, it truly was a feat, and for the first time in 70 years; the United States achieved energy independence.

However, now they are pulling out all the stops to ensure that this never happens again. In fact they are doing absolutely everything possible to ensure that the entire energy sector fails.

This is going to allow them to move forward with their Mussolini style (corporatism) economic system. They are creating a fascist global system under the guise of sustainability and climate justice. This is sickening.

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I just found your work and it's excellent! Thanks for getting this important information out in the world. I'll be diving into more of your vids and articles and sharing. As much as I can given that I avoid Social programming like Facebook, Insta and Twit. But I'll put it all over Telegram!

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