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The Great Narrative & Why Marxism/Communism Will Never Work

The World Economic Forum & Klaus Schwab held another event recently, this took place on November 11th - 13th in Dubai and the series was called, get this, The Great Narrative.

I already have some questions. First, this is what they have to say about it on their website.

"The World Economic Forum and the Government of the United Arab Emirates will host the Great Narrative meeting in Dubai on 11-12 November 2021. The Great Narrative meeting is a linchpin of the Great Narrative initiative, a collaborative effort of the world’s leading thinkers to fashion longer-term perspectives and co-create a narrative that can help guide the creation of a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable vision for our collective future. Top thinkers from a variety of geographies and disciplines – including futurists, scientists and philosophers – will contribute fresh ideas for the future. Their reflections will be shared in a forthcoming book, The Great Narrative, expected for publication in January 2022."

Do they really think this low of people? This has to mean something…

So, this is a collaborative effort of great thinkers to CREATE A NARRATIVE? They are trying to come up with a way to sell this to the public.

A narrative, that once sold, once everyone's bought it and they are all in, this will simply guide the entire planet into a perfect world? Am I getting that right?

Don’t get me wrong…it would be nice to believe these things.

I wish I did in some ways. I wish they were undoubtedly true, but once I read up on some details regarding the concept, the plan of implementation, their reason for doing so, and what they intend to be the end goal; I can’t help but to see how badly this can go wrong.

Human nature…

Human nature seems to always get in the way!

Yeah, you may call me pessimistic, perhaps even a little nihilistic, but the truth is that on a large scale such as this, such as changing how the ENTIRE world operates...

Human nature will find a way - to get in the way.

The masses can try to convince themselves that the people in positions of power are benevolent leaders and they are looking out for their best interests. They can try to convince themselves that all of the world leaders, including the infamous ones who are labeled as dictators, the ones who kidnap, torture, or seek to maintain religious fundamentalism, are going to come together and unite humanity under one amazing world government.

They can try to convince themselves that this new global system will ensure everyone will have more food, disease will be gone, seeing as how in their self-described future, we all work together so well that science has evolved to rid us of all ailments.

I mean that is the goal, right? The establishment has a new slogan "A World Without Disease" and they are planning on accomplishing this feat through genetic engineering and transhumanism.

In this wonderful hypothetical future, the future that can only be accomplished through this draconian new world order, hunger, thirst, famine, drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis are all a thing of the past. All of these disasters are mitigated and taken care of due to advances in weather modification.

Hell, even the Bill Gates stratospheric aerosol project to block out the sun – worked. Perfectly.

They can try to convince themselves that all of the world's governments will realize that using technology as a way to control, track and surveil, and to persecute…isn’t the way.

In this fairy tale future - all technology is privacy based, free, even the code is free, and it's developed with only a few goals in mind, to entertain, educate, and to be used as a resource.


I don’t think this is what the establishment and the sociopathic leaders have in mind. It’s a rosy picture, and sure, it does sound great.

In fact, I wish it were true, but the fact is, corruption, greed, war, and just a lust for more plagues these people.

This is what I don’t get about Communism and Marxism...

Have you ever heard people say “it’s never been done correctly” or something like that?

Well, that is incorrect. This political ideology has been done correctly.

The issue is that some asshole always ends up with complete power and starts using it to further their own greedy ambitions.

It happens every can't give people with these personality traits the keys to the entire world. They will abuse it.

At this point it has to be psychology 101. In the future, I hope they study our political time, from the delusional media, to the sociopathic politicians, and the mob mentality of the people, the group think and the tribalism. It’s all quite the phenomena.

As for the intellectuals who continue to push this destructive political ideology…they have to know this. They have to know that giving this much power to the corrupt minds of power mad sociopaths – is never going to work.

It has to be nefarious…they have to understand that this political ideology allows for certain groups to rise, acquire power, and to persecute their enemies. These professors and ideologues must have a lust for power equal to those that they want to give power to – they can’t be that delusional.

Communism does not equal a star trek future; it does not equal peaceful harmony between everyone on earth. This political ideology equals famine, totalitarianism, political persecution, corruption, and death.

Do people actually believe that if this takes hold, if these activists and democrat voters get the government that they advocate for, do they believe that the government is going to give them a big house, a mansion, and universal basic income will wash away their worries?

Do they really believe that everyone will have equal assets, the world’s richest will actually allow their assets to be redistributed? Do they really believe that everyone will have high end electric cars, mansions, resources, and instead of working, they can just write poetry and do hot yoga?

They may believe it, but this is delusional.

If they get what they want, everyone will be in the fields working, in a breadline, poor and destitute.

In the end, the masses may be on an equal playing field…

Everyone will be way way way down here, toiling at the bottom and the few at the top will maintain their lifestyle. This will create a true two-tiered society.

This is the reality.

Human nature gets in the way.

Corruption and greed will always take over.

It’s a perpetual circle of insidious realities.

This Great Reset isn’t going to work.

This Great Narrative that they want to construct will not work.

We have to push for what we know will work. The only way to move forward is by maintaining the American experiment. I didn’t always believe this to be the case, and I openly admit that I took this nation, our constitutional rights, and the principles that our country was founded upon for granted.

However, the chaos that has been unfolding over the last decade, has lead me to a revelatory moment. I no longer take this nation for granted and will ensure that I do what I can to ensure this nation remains. I may not be able to provide much but I will do my best.

The chaos around the current medical predicament should be the revelatory moment for every single human alive. The authoritarian nature of world leaders, the draconian agenda being pushed by EVERY government on earth, all moving in lockstep towards this global technofascist system...should open everyone's eyes.

This predicament shows how important the United States is, how important the constitution is, how important it is to focus on individual rights; without those we all get trampled.

Without those principles, we all get swept away by the nefarious actions of the few.

This cannot stop here…

The American experiment cannot stop here.

Our lives do, in fact, depend on it.

They can live in a fairy tale, they can believe their delusions to be true, but they can't force us into believing their delusion.

Stand up for what you know to be the truth…

If we give them this much power, we are finished, you are finished.

We will all be contained in a digital prison, our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, will be dashed for the a few extra zeroes on their bottom line.

The establishment wants us to believe that Corporatism will lead to some sort of Eden.

The establishment wants everyone to believe that Corporatism will solve the woes of the world.

Wake up. Corporatism is not the end all be all, it is not the economic system that leads to equality, it does not lead to Heaven on earth.

It is time to awaken from the long nap – it is time for the sleeping giant to stretch it's legs.


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