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The Fall Of Afghanistan: Chaos For Decades

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In the first two weeks of August, America's withdrawal from Afghanistan became a humiliating rout. Make no mistake, the U.S. has suffered a major diplomatic and psychological defeat that will have resonance throughout the world.

Footage has emerged showing desperate Afghan people running alongside a US military plane trying to cling onto the outside in order to escape the country as Kabul airport descended into chaos.

Flights from the airport were suspended by the US military on Monday afternoon (UK-time) after scenes of mass panic, as citizens tried to flee the Taliban-held city.

(Warning Graphic Content)

(Warning: Graphic Content)

How could they screw this up in such an incredible fashion? At some point we cannot continue to fall back on the incompetence excuse. At some point we may have to consider if this is malicious rather than mere mistakes…

For example…

A standard practice when this sort of disaster is about to happen – they destroy military equipment to ensure the weapons do not fall into the hands of the enemy. However, this time the US establishment chose not to destroy anything at all. The amount of weapons, military aircraft, and high tech equipment is now in the possession of Taliban forces. The ramifications of this is going to be felt for decades and will cause countless deaths across the world.

The Taliban now have an “airforce” more robust than 85 percent of the world - this includes hundreds of attack helicopters. In this video - they take one for a joy ride.

Why would they do this?

A clearer picture of what the Taliban were able to seize after the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan has emerged. The tax-payer gear the Taliban now has at its disposal is a mix of what the U.S. military gave the previous Afghan government and what they left behind.

(US Military Technology & Advanced Weapons On Their Way To Iran - Not Good)

According to data from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) the Taliban is now the most armed militant group today. Not only do they now possess large caches of firearms, including rifles and machine guns, but they now have combat aircraft and armored vehicles.

One such aircraft is the A-29 Super Tucano. Each light attack plane costs $22.25 million and there were 23 usable A-29s in the Afghan air force, which now is in the hands of the Taliban. Other aircraft in the hands of the Taliban include three C-130 transport planes, which each cost around $14 million, and 33 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, which go for around $6 million a pop.

When it comes to land vehicles, the Taliban now have around 170 M1151 HMMWV, also known as Humvees, totaling around $41.5 million. The captured ammunition that is to be used for weapon platforms for the vehicles include:

  • 99,696 70mm rockets totaling $18.4 million

  • 60,840 40mm grenades totaling $4.56 million

  • 884,880 rounds .50 caliber rounds totaling $2.7 million

  • 2.01 million 7.62mm rounds totaling $1.51 million

  • $3.6 million worth in uniforms

(Taliban Taking Another Joy Ride)

The true scope of what the Taliban have will not be known until later but what we already know now is truly shocking given there were plenty of intelligence reports stating the Taliban had the means to take over Afghanistan.

(Military Aircraft Left Behind)

The Taliban have also released thousands of terrorists from prisons - they will now return to training terrorist cells. The amount of chaos and devastation that is coming to the world is incalculable. Again, we might want to ask ourselves, can all of this really be due to incompetence? The establishment have made this worse at every turn...

Another video of terrorists being released from prisons...

For the last video - check out the cash that has been seized by the terrorist organization. Imagine what they will fund with this...

There is more to this than meets the eye. We have been getting reports indicating that China is making moves to enter the middle east. They want to continue their One Belt One Road Initiative and it may be a good idea to contemplate if the US withdrawal disaster is a method to ensure we lose global standing; allowing China to take control of the world.

Coincidentally, all of the plans by the World Economic Forum - The Great Reset - coincide with China's plan for Global Dominance - China 2049.

(The Great Reset/Agenda 2030 Propaganda photo behind Taliban Militant taking hostages...Ironic.)

One key aspect to this agenda - is China taking control of the middle east.

Just something to consider...


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