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The Biden Town Hall - A Complete Charade.

As I am sitting here this morning, it's hard to even listen to the bald-faced lies and the complete sham of a campaign from the Biden Camp. The part that makes this whole thing even harder to stomach is the media's complicity in the charade. Media pundits and so-called journalists refuse to ask Joe Biden any of the critical questions that jeopardize national security. We can all forget about them digging into the corruption scandals or any of the flimsy proposals that the campaign offers up, but even when average citizens are supposed to get an opportunity to ask those questions, instead, we get another produced and fake performance from all involved.

The town hall that Biden took part in a few days ago was a complete setup. The individuals who asked the questions are democrat operatives; who are solely there because of their decrepit ethical standards and dubious compliance. Although this will be short, let's take a look at two of the "planted" individuals in the audience.

As you all remember, the woman who asked the question regarding her trans-8-year-old daughter, so we are on the same page, is her 8-year-old son, who she dresses up like a little girl.

Without going into the moral and ethical implications of that disaster, her name is Mieke Heike, and she is married to Ezra Nanes – who ran for Senate in 2018 in Pennsylvania. Yes, that's correct, a Democrat Senate Nominees wife is the individual in the crowd painted as an undecided voter. I highly doubt that's the case.

"Democratic candidate Ezra Nanes lost to Republican Jake Corman for the 34th District seat for Pennsylvania State Senate, but not before putting up a fight with his campaign that included leading with renewable energy.

Poll results revealed Nanes won over Centre County, but overall results favored incumbent Corman 56 percent to 44 percent. Although he lost, Nanes was undeterred and plans to uphold his campaign promises in the future."

It does get worse, though, as we also have a speech writer from President Barack Obama's administration planted in the crowd.

Nathan Osburn worked for the Obama administration for the office of public affairs as a speechwriter. He also created a group in Philadelphia to boost former Democratic Presidential Primary Candidate Pete Buttigieg.

The Graphic on the screen read that Nathan was in "communications." While that is correct, it is quite a stretch for anyone to believe that he is an undecided voter this election cycle…or any election cycle for that matter.

These individuals are democrat operatives and thus making them democrat voters; under no circumstances can I imagine them breaking with the party line.

This begs the question then…if the questions were pre-planned and handpicked by Joe Biden's Campaign, why couldn't they trust random citizens on the fence regarding their presidential votes?

I have a feeling it is because of this instance at a previous town hall in Wisconsin when this individual couldn't deny her conscience and decided to go off-script. Let's take a look.

Isn't it quite telling that the Biden Campaign cannot even take a chance with the questions going off script? They have to follow the script to the letter, or Joe Biden gets lost, says something outrageous, lies, gaffs, gets confused and ultimately sinks his campaign even lower into the mud.

This is a perfect example of why average, everyday citizens do not trust the media and do not trust the polls. They continued to push this bullshit narrative that the town hall was organic and authentic when it is clearly everything but.

Besides the noticeable difference in tone and by that, I mean in complete contrast to how George Stephanopoulos coddled Biden, sat back, and didn't challenge him at all – on anything; Samantha Guthrie, on the other hand, attacked trump every chance she could. If that wasn't clear enough, the democrat operatives planted in the crowd should be plenty of reasons to worry about the cognitive ability of Joe Biden.

We won't even touch on the corruption charges this time around, but we will end with a hypothetical.

Let's pretend that Biden is perfectly clean, no corruption, no illegal cash, no ties to China, blah blah blah. Even if you wipe away all of those severe indiscretions – Joe Biden cannot even handle questions that weren't prearranged and preplanned. That should scare any American into voting for President Trump's re-election. How in the world could we trust the Biden administration with anything serious? Again, he can't even handle a town hall unless it is rigged…just like everything else we see in the political sphere these days.

Do you still believe Biden is up in the polls 54 percent to 43 percent? I don't.


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