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Select Committee For Jan. 6th

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, “with great solemnity and sadness,” that she will establish a select committee to investigate the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, in the wake of the Senate blocking a bipartisan commission to probe the matter last month.

The California Democrat said she would have preferred to move forward with a bipartisan commission, but due to the lack of support from Republicans in the upper chamber, felt it was necessary to launch the probe.

“With great solemnity and sadness, I’m announcing the House will be establishing a Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection,” she told reporters at a press conference Thursday morning.

“On that day, our temple of democracy was attacked by insurrectionists. That trauma is something I can never forget or forgive.”

Pelosi was vague on the details on the makeup of the committee but said she will release additional information in coming days, adding that the timeline for the panel to release its findings will be “as long as it takes.”

Now, they will have complete control of parameters & narrative. They won’t investigate if anyone within the political establishment have ties to the event. They will not investigate and find out who unlocked the magnetic doors, who gave the order to stand down, who gave the order allowing protesters to enter the capitol or who ignored the requests for additional national guard troops. However, adding insult to injury, this will allow the power-hungry megalomaniacs to ramp up their "domestic terror" push…

This is all a political game and ultimately people will suffer.


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