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Project Veritas Raided: Political Persecution Continues...

The FBI raided Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s home on Saturday, as authorities continued to investigate the apparent theft of President Biden’s daughter’s diary, a report said.

The court-ordered early morning raid of O’Keefe’s Mamaroneck apartment was reported by The New York Times. It came two days after the feds reportedly raided two New York addresses linked to associates of the conservative website’s creator.

Project Veritas did not publish passages from 40-year-old Ashley Biden’s diary, but the National File blog published handwritten pages from it about a week ahead of the 2020 election, after claiming it obtained the content from a whistleblower at another news organization, the paper reported. The blog posts were largely ignored by larger media outlets — including conservative ones.

They did not publish the diary because they could not determine if the journal is authentic. However, in a twist, the FBI raiding James O'keefe and the homes of various other Project Veritas Journalists, lends credibility to the authenticity. The raid seems counter-intuitive to the construction of a deflection narrative.

He went on to explain that unidentified “tipsters” approached his outfit last year, claiming they found the diary when they stayed in a room previously occupied by the soon-to-be first daughter. As it turns out, Ashley Biden left the diary at a rehabilitation center, and seems to be apart of a therapy process.

The diary explains insane and disturbing acts that were perpetrated upon Ashley Biden by her father, President Joe Biden. These claims include showers together...I'll wait until you finish throwing up.

This will do down in history as the most corrupt establishment in modern history, the world leaders will equally go down in the history book as the culprits of the most insidious agenda in history. They aren't going to let up until their reset is finished & humanity is under their thumb. This is a method to containing and intimidating anyone who dares stand in their way...

In the video, James O'Keefe asks for fellow Journalists to stand up and stand with him against the persecution of the free press.

However, "Journalists" will not stand by Project Veritas. They are the deflection & propaganda arm of the political establishment. It's a depressing time in US History - we must all ensure that the truth is not omitted from the history books, altered or changed.

The truth is absolute.

Unfortunately, this is not the last time we will witness blatant intimidation of actual journalists investigating disturbing behavior of the elite class. The strong man tactics of a tyrannical regime will continue and in all likely hood, the frequency of political persecution will increase.

Let's hope the sleeping masses begin to wake up and realize that these corrupt politicians also harbor some disturbing inclinations towards deviancy.


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