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New Revelation: Epstein Visited Bill Clinton At White House 17 Times

Well, we have some new information regarding the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Former President Bill Clinton. The new information is regarding a time period when Bill Clinton was still the acting President and visitor logs from the White House reveal that the now-deceased sex offender Jeffery Epstein visited President Bill Clinton during his first term 17 times.

These meetings took place between 1993 and 1995.

The visitor logs were obtained by the Daily Mail from the Clinton Presidential Library under a series of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Epstein visited Clinton at the Executive Mansion over the course of three years with the first invitation coming just a month after the former president's inauguration in January 1993. The logs show the financier showed up on 14 separate days, even making two visits in a single day on three different occasions. I find myself wondering why exactly Bill Clinton allowed a human trafficker and pedophile to "officially visit" him at the White House?

Could these be the meetings in which Epstein blackmailed Clinton? Showing him the footage of his illicit activities and indicating that his demands needed to be met?

Were Bill Clinton and Epstein planning a future rendezvous?

Were they just so close and so brazen that terrible optics never even came to mind?

Were they just chumming it up, laughing about their predatory behavior?

Was it due to opposition research on political enemies? Were these visits made in an attempt to find out what Epstein knew about certain individuals in DC? So, the Clinton's could use said information as leverage?

Hopefully, in the future, we will come to understand the exact nature of these meetings.

The logs indicated that Epstein's first visit to the Clinton White House was on Feb. 25 1993. The individual who issued the invitation is listed as "Rubin" and the location of the visit is listed as "WW," or West Wing.

The most prominent Rubin in the White House at the time was Robert Rubin, who served as director of the National Economic Council when Clinton took office.

Rubin would later go on to become Clinton's Secretary of the Treasury in January 1995, and then, in 2007, chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which Epstein was also a member. Epstein donated $350,000 to the entity, money which it later gave to an organization that fights human trafficking. Oh, the irony...

One aspect to this case that is usually lost in translation is just how influential Epstein appeared to be...he was on the board of Rockefeller University, personally appointed by David Rockefeller, as stated, Epstein as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he was also apart of the Trilateral Commission.

The little black book that is making headlines during the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, included many of the most influential names in politics, and it is quite shocking how many "elite & wealthy" political figures have direct ties to the late pedophile.

The names that appear in this contact book include...

- Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger and other celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, Naomi Campbell and Jimmy Buffett.

- More than a dozen aides to Clinton...

- Media titans such as Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black and Michael Bloomberg...

- Business magnates such as Richard Branson, Steve Forbes and Edgar Bronfman Jr.;

- Kennedys, Rockefellers and Rothschilds; lords and ladies; ambassadors and senators.

The book lists 16 phone numbers for the Duke of York and his aides, and 18 for the Duchess of York and her court.

However, that is just a small portion of the contact book. There are many more influential names, influential people, who themselves, took part in this depraved violence.

Those are some influential names…names of which are apart of the global push for The Great Reset. If you think about it and take a look at some of the darker aspects of modern history, you will find the names of this group of individuals always seem to be involved in some manner.

Epstein would later be signed into the Clinton White House by "Kelley," most likely Virginia Clinton Kelley, the mother of Bill Clinton. She was still alive at the time, Daily Mail noted, although the following month she died of cancer.

Clinton, among other prominent figures, was named by Epstein's longtime former pilot Paul Visoski Jr. as a passenger who rode on the billionaire's flights.

Photos have previously surfaced of both Epstein and Maxwell meeting Clinton inside the White House. The high-profile Ghislaine Maxwell trial is currently underway. A federal judge has approved the unsealing of another round of court documents linking the Epstein associate to the Clintons.


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