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NBC Helped The CCP - In Order To Help Biden

This is exactly why the media is considered the enemy of the people - To protect their political interest (instead of performing actual journalism) they sought to protect the Biden Family and the CCP. In the process - giving CCP reason to silence free press.

China accused the Apple Daily of "fake news" based on NBC News' reporting and used this allegation to destroy Hong Kong's pro-democracy newspaper. Apple Daily was a thorn in the CCP's side. They wanted them gone. NBC gave them the reason to do it.

It was in their attempts to run cover for the the Biden campaign and Joe's erstwhile son Hunter that NBC News' sought to discredit a document that was published which purported to show that the Biden's business dealings in China were both shady and had influenced Biden's policy positions on China. (Document - )

But in reporting that Apple Daily was involved in the document, NBC gave ammunition to the Chinese Communist Party, which has been actively suppressing, censoring, and destroying Hong Kong's pro-democracy independence movement since at least 2019.

China's spokesperson in the United States, Liu Pengyu, said on Friday that NBC had reported that Apple Daily manufactured a fake report designed to impact the US presidential election through implicating Joe Biden's son, and by association candidate Biden himself, in shady business dealings in China.

Calling the media The Enemy Of The an understatement.


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