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Nashville Bombing Suspect

It is being reported that Anthony Quinn Warner, 63 of Nashville, parked an RV on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville and broadcast a warning before the Christmas morning blast.

Don Cochran, the US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, said during a press conference that Nashville bomber Anthony Warner perished at the explosion site.

Warner's DNA was found at the site of the explosion.

Here comes the narrative.

Feds are investigating possible motives for the "suicide bombing," including Anthony Warner's paranoia about 5G being used as a way to spy on Americans.

All of this is due to the man's paranoia over 5G technology? Not buying it.

Anthony Quinn Warner sold his home to a "random" person, someone who claims to have never met him, and he "sold" the house to her for $0. 00 but the strange aspects of the story continue to pile up.

A google image of Anthony Warners home shows an RV parked on his property; however, some individuals have pointed out the one stripe across the top and the two stripes on the top of the RV involved in the explosion. (Image of the RV on his Property)

(Image of RV before explosion)

What is really going on? What is the significance of this particular building? We do know that there are ties to companies associated with the election fraud but also, what is being held at the facility that warrants a warning sign for hazardous materials?

This story isn't finished, and I would put money on finding out more important details that affect and do not align with the current narrative.

One thing I believe is certain, there is more going on in the shadows, information that we are not privy to, and the world will get more chaotic leading up to the Congressional Vote on January 6th and the inauguration on January 20th.

A silent war is being waged on the streets of America.


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