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Matt Gaetz Speech & An Inconsistent Narrative

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

This speech by Matt Gaetz should be categorized as a must-watch.

The political establishment decided to use the event as a scapegoat to censor and suppress the voices of millions; while simultaneously attempting to politically assassinate anyone who dares to question their authority. With no care for constitutional procedures or their constituents' disputes, the democrat party drafted a resolution to expel republicans from the body for trying to contest the election. They prepared this on the 5th...not after the protest.

Interestingly, the media and the political establishment describe the events yesterday as seditious, insurrection, and appalling. While I do not condone what occurred and sincerely wish the events did not take place (for the injured and the individuals who lost their lives) when left-wing demonstrators occupied the capital, no such concerns are raised.

(Left Wing Protestors inside the Capitol in 2018)


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