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Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Out Dan Crenshaw: No Surprise! Crenshaw Follows Klaus Schwab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Instagram to absolutely SHRED fellow House Republican Dan Crenshaw for his theatrics over a “toothless” proposal to ‘hold big tech accountable,’ when, in reality, he’s been frequently absent for Congressional votes that are close enough where he would actually make a difference.

Case in point, Greene provides a screenshot of a roll call vote tally showing a proposal that was introduced by radical Maxine Waters passing by just one vote, 215-214. Four Democrats had gone across the aisle to side with Republicans, but Crenshaw refused to show up to cast the vote that would block the bill from going through.

Republicans could have stopped Maxine Waters’ bill, but Dan couldn’t be bothered to vote,” Greene said. “Unfortunately Dan doesn’t always walk in the chamber to vote to stop Democrat bills, even when he’s in town.”

Greene also ripped Crenshaw for being a ‘not-so-secret’ Trump-hater – a “Paul Ryan-type,” if you will – who spends most of his time attacking ‘America first’ Republicans.

Most likely, she says, it’s because he’s a Warhawk Neocon who is trying to keep the Bush/Cheney/McCain era alive.

“[Dan Crenshaw], who spends most of his time attacking America First Republicans because he (not so secretly) hates Trump, is talking about a bill ‘to hold big tech accountable!” but [the proposal] is the same type of toothless bill the Paul Ryan types try to sell to make it look like they’re doing something.
We must never allow the Republican party to be ran by the Bush/Cheney/McCain Neocons of the early 2000s. And we have some among us in Congress trying to keep the Neocon fight alive.”
It is no surprise that Dan Crenshaw is holding out and aiding with the democrats agenda. Dan Crenshaw is more than just a RHINO - he is an alumni of Klaus Schwabs "School For Young Global Leaders" and graduated with the likes of Alexander Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and David de Rothschild.

Dan Crenshaw has been initiated, indoctrinated, bought, and paid for by the psychopathic force behind The Great Reset.

Stay tuned for this weeks video - we are going to be looking into this "school for young global leaders."

The truth is...Klaus Schwab's reach is global and they have their tentacles wrapped around the entire political apparatus. Thousands of Manchurian Candidate dictators are waiting in the wings to take over the agenda, whenever their time comes, and our first step towards resisting the reset, consists of exposing those involved.


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