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January 6th, 2021 - Storming The Capitol & The Narrative

Leading up to the protest, I asked how January 6th, 2021, would be remembered throughout history, and I can honestly say that it did not turn out as expected

This afternoon while President Trump was speaking to a million patriots in the Capital, VP Pence released his memo explaining why he was overlooking the corruption and election fraud which ended up stealing the election from President Trump, his boss, and the American people.

This is the turning point, and once word reached the crowd that Pence refused to send the votes back to the states for debate, the entire group began their march towards the Capitol.

All they had to do is sufficiently investigate the claims for election fraud, but they simply would not allow it. At every turn, the media and the entire political establishment have dismissed any and all claims, labeling them as misinformation and conspiracy theories.

According to a recent poll, 80 million Americans believe there is something criminal or, at the very least, suspicious related to the 2020 election cycle

And yet, the machine continues to denigrate, insult, and make light of their concerns regarding the direction of the country.

Belief in the system, confidence in how the process works, belief that any inconsistencies will be investigated, and faith that our voices matter is critical to the livelihood of the republic. When you take away that trust, and when 80 million people no longer trust the politicians or if instead, they believe the entire constitutional process has been corrupted by power-hungry will have a problem.

One would think that quelling these concerns would be of the utmost importance to the American leaders, but it is not. They only care about advancing their agendas, holding onto their positions of power, and greed.

Well, everything came to a head, and from what looks like a few agitators, the situation at the Capitol of the United States degraded into chaos.

Protestors began pushing their way into the building, causing the breakdown of the electoral count.

(Another video of protesters entering the Capitol)

The politicians were swept away, and they all escaped through the secretive underground tunnels beneath Washington DC.

Citizens began spreading throughout the building, even entering into Nancy Pelosi’s office. A sign of just how fast the politicians evacuated is indicated by Pelosi’s emails still being left open on her desktop.

(From Inside Nancy Pelosi's Office)

(The confrontation inside the Capitol)

Some made their way into the chamber (ongoing dispute - this individual might have infiltrated the group to cause chaos)

The most disturbing result of the ensuing chaos is the fact that a 14-year military veteran, Ashli Babbit, was shot in the neck while inside the Capital. The DC officer has a quick trigger finger, and this tragedy is currently being made light of by various members of the media, the political establishment, and democrat voters. (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

There is absolutely no reason why this woman should have been shot dead at that moment….this needs to be investigated thoroughly. We shall see if anything comes of it…but for now, I suppose I can only offer Prayers for her and her family.

A young man details his experience during this tragic incident.

There are rumors that this is all a setup; they allowed the protestors through the barricades and used the chaos to lock-down the entire city and continue their fraudulent certification of the election.

(Video showing the protestors booing and trying to stop people from breaking windows and entering the Capitol)

First, the media said, “President Trump needs to come out and tell his supporters to be peaceful and to leave” not surprisingly, he did just that, but then Twitter removed the video of Trump calling for peace, and then they suspended the President from social media.

Now, they are claiming that he never called for peace and instead incited the violence. This is a perfect example of how the corrupt media works to push a particular narrative over facts. The sad thing is that most people will probably not see that video and instead believe CNN and various outlets.

How can they lie in the headline and then admit they are lying right below it...he clearly told everyone to remain peaceful and to leave the Capitol.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention President Trump left Washington DC during the late-night certification process and flew into a Texas military base. Supposedly, he is there with leading military members, watching the process take place, planning out their next move to contest Joe Biden’s certification.

Despite how I feel about the protests at the Capitol, it appears everything will come down to the next couple of weeks. There is still the Executive Order from 2018 regarding the foreign interference in the Presidential election. President Trump could even utilize this, and as for most that aren’t aware of what is happening behind the scenes, I remain steadfast in my conviction that China, Iran, Italy, and Germany, have all played a role in subverting our election process.

There is proof of this, as long as the political establishment continues to sweep this under the rug, the citizens will still not feel adequately heard, and our systems will crumble.

But now, seeing that everyone is satisfactorily distracted by the chaos of the events, the political establishment reconvened. They gave well-prepared speeches that all appear to have been written well in advance, condemning the protestors and using what transpired as a way to move past the contested election results, the calls for investigations into the fraud and corruption, to certify Joe Biden’s Victory.

Also, after Pence certified the election, without hearing any of the evidence of fraud or corruption, what is the little gift that is handed to him? Strange...

They continue ignoring how all of this started, ignoring the fact that people were marching on the Capital for the sole reason that the politicians will not heed our concerns. Their actions will not alter our convictions that something about this election cycle is off, and by not listening to the citizen’s call for reform, they are only adding gas to a fire.

This doesn’t end here. Trump still has not conceded, and there are still 80 million people who feel like their voice doesn’t matter, their vote doesn’t matter, and that the political establishment has gone rogue. They have and continue making backroom deals with foreign nations to subvert their will, and with that political environment…who knows where things go from here.

Stay safe.


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