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Ivermectin Study Doomed Or Just Pessimistic?

Dr. Pierre Korry Is Optimistic...

At this point I fear that rational thought and logical theoretical formulation is long gone...instead replaced by tribalism, political fodder, propaganda, & of course the implementation of divide and conquer strategies. They have had a taste of power...the rest is history.

I hope I am wrong, jaded, and pessimistic. However, I believe the reality of our situation is too obvious to ignore. Is the propaganda too strong? Have political beliefs been tied to social status too effectively? Has fear permeated throughout the sciences at the expense of truth?

Despite my black pilled perspective, I will continue to stand with those who push for truth! One hundred percent behind their pursuit of answers and I can honestly say that there is still hope. The few that are continuing to push are gaining ground and the calls for more comprehensive studies regarding alternative treatments are gaining steam. If you need one more reason to hope…just find comfort in the fact that more eyes are opened every day. Everything has been politicized at the expense of the public, but the truth cannot be hidden forever.


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