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Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says she won’t rat out for lighter sentence

Ghislaine Maxwell is a convicted sex offender and disgraced British socialite —- but she’s no rat, her brother tells The Sunday Times of London.

“Prosecution confirmed no plea bargain offers were made or received” before the trial, Ian Maxwell said. “I expect that position to be maintained.”

Maxwell, in other words, will not trade names for the prospect of a lighter sentence.

Her refusal to cooperate with prosecutors could come as a relief to alleged co-conspirators, including four women employed by Maxwell and partner in crime Jeffery Epstein, and to others linked to the tawdry couple, such as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and many more, the report states.

There are over 2,000 names in her "little black book" and she is now convicted of trafficking minors for sex...but who were they trafficking these minors for? That is the question we need answers too.

We can expect the legacy media to continue their collusion with the Epstein Network and attempt to bury this story. We cannot let this slide...

We need answers.


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