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Ghislaine Maxwell Coverup Is Almost Complete

We could really use some whistleblowers right about now...

It's unbelievably obvious that we have a serious issue...all of our intel agencies and institutions act as the personal security force for elite pedos and abusers. We cant function with this sort of corruption.

The prosecution and defense in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell have agreed that her “little black book” of contacts will never be made public even though the jury was allowed to see part of it.

Judge Alison Nathan ruled at Manhattan federal court that a only limited amount of material from the British socialite’s contacts book would be released under seal.

The 97 page book contains the names of 2000 people including royalty, politicians, CEOs, business moguls, media moguls, journalists, talking heads, “philanthropists” and hedge fund managers.

The elite of the elite – the top tier of corrupt abusers and predators are listed in that book and it appears as if it is going to sealed forever.

A massive injustice…

Can you believe this headline?

"The Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict Shows You Cant Get Away With Being An Enabler"

That's not the take away I got...

It proves that Intel agencies & the establishment will do anything to coverup the crimes of their Elite handlers.


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