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Fake Vaccinations & Other Oddities

We are living in strange times, and with the perpetuation of the Covid fears, despite CDC statistics indicating extremely high survival rates and the roll-out of Bill Gates mRNA vaccines, the strange times will continue.

So, first, off I must say, I am not anti-vaccine. I believe in the majority of vaccines and that they have contributed to the modern world's success. However, I am anti altering our DNA, altering the human genome, and forcing vaccinations for a virus with a 99 percent survival rate.

Typically, a vaccine contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, toxins, or one of its surface proteins. The agent stimulates the body's immune system to recognize the agent as a threat, destroy it, and to further recognize and destroy any of the microorganisms associated with that agent that it may encounter in the future.

However, the mRNA vaccine is the first of its kind, and it alters your DNA. Usually, a vaccine takes years to develop, test, and distribute, but this vaccine was completed in mere months.

It targets specific genes, and the blueprint is made of DNA or RNA—molecules that hold genetic instructions. The researchers then inject the DNA or RNA into human cells. The cell's machinery uses the instructions to make virus antigens that the immune system reacts to.

With the great reset upon us and with Bill Gates's history of sterilization programs and depopulation goals, depending on what genetic instructions they choose, different outcomes are possible.

As stated, they can sterilize a portion of the population and even target specific areas in the brain to alter behaviors.

This clip is usually disputed based on the argument of "Is this Bill Gates, or This is not Bill Gates," but the clip's content is essential. The research concludes that this is possible. This is speculative, labeled as a conspiracy theory, and dismissed, but the research into this practice proves that this is possible. You need someone to be more docile, target a specific location, need people to be more trusting, target a particular location, or you need people to respond violently to certain stimuli, target a specific location.

The one aspect that should worry you, though, is that these PR stunts from the media, showing medical professionals, politicians, and volunteers taking the vaccine, seem to be fake. The syringe is empty and the individual administering the vaccine pretends to depress the plunger.

Again…another fake PR stunt.

Let's see what happens when you actually take the vaccine.

A news report regarding the last clip.

This is all related to The Great Reset, ushering in a new system of government, one that is based upon complete control of the population and global surveillance.

Even now, they are telling us that after you receive the vaccine, for an infection that has a 99 percent survival rate, you will still have to wear a mask, socially distance, close down businesses, and remain in your homes.

Why? If you are vaccinated, then society should go back to normal, right?

There is a reason why lockdowns are perpetuated, and it's all related to killing the economy, redistributing wealth, and installing global oversight over every aspect of our lives.

It's for the greater good, they say, but with ads like this, does this sound like a future you want to be apart of?

Freedom isn't free, and we are in a consequential time in history.

All I ask is this…do your own research and question their motives.

The world is not as it seems, the media lies, and they do not have our well being in mind.

It is all about money, power, and control.

But the choice is yours…

I won't be first in line to receive a vaccine…in 10 years, we will see infomercials declaring, "if you received the Covid – 19 vaccine, you might be entitled to compensation."

If you believe the politicians care…then why do they not follow their own lockdown rules? It's because they know the CDC statistics and know this is all a rouse.

One last point...did they really think no one would take a second look at their photo op? Visting Covid Patients? They are mannequins...


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