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Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel found hanged in prison cell

Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel, co-founder of MC2 Model Management, was found dead Saturday in his prison cell, according to French authorities.

Brunel was awaiting trial on charges of sexual assault and rape. The deceased septuagenarian was also being investigated for trafficking minors, including girls as young as 12-years-old, according to French news reports.

The disgraced model scout was found hanged by his bedsheets in his cell around 1:30 am local time at La Sante prison, the Paris prosecutor's office told CNN.

Coincidentally, the security cameras were turned off. I am overcome with deja vu.

The official narrative is of course; that he killed himself. Brunel's legal team reportedly released a statement to reporters saying that "his decision was not driven by guilt, but by a deep sense of injustice."

"Jean-Luc Brunel has never stopped claiming his innocence. He has multiplied his efforts to prove it. A judge had released him a few months ago, and then he was re-incarcerated in undignified conditions," Brunel's lawyers Mathias Chichportich, Marianne Abgrall and Christophe Ingrain said in a statement to CNN.

Brunel, who's been the subject of sexual abuse allegations, was accused of helping to groom and procure underage victims for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein also died in prison under similar circumstances back in August 2019.

The brother of Ghislaine Maxwell called Brunel's death "really shocking."

"Another death by hanging in a high-security prison. My reaction is one of total shock and bewilderment," Ian Maxwell told the New York Post.

Well, this should be confirmation that the establishment and the individuals involved with this criminal ring understand that trust is entirely shattered. This should also serve as a reminder...they no longer give a sh*t.

Just take care of all loose ends...brazenly. With the death of Jean Luc Brunel - I believe all loose ends are tied up now.

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is over, the judge sealed documents, Prince Andrew settled, and no one else will talk because of "mysterious hangings."

Maxwell may end up dead too but besides that...pretty sure they wrapped their pedo ring up with a nice bow n ribbon.


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