Election Shenanigans - They Went For It But Did We Expect Anything Less?

With cognitive dissonance seemingly becoming a national epidemic, it may be a good idea to compile all of the examples of fraud and blatant crimes being committed in an attempt to ensure a victory for Joe Biden.

Nancy Pelosi did say that she is confident regarding a Joe Biden Victory...no matter what the final count is.

Perhaps, this is exactly what Joe Biden meant to say...at least Joe Biden told the truth this time!

Starting to think these are not merely gaffs. You know, one of the tenets of universal law, they have to tell us what they are actually going to do...

Project Veritas...always working

Meanwhile in Arizona...

Official talking about sharpiegate...

Arizona isn't taking this sitting down...

Meanwhile in Michigan...

Besides being against the law to do this...why block out the windows?

Dead Voters?

More Dead Voters?

A little weird...cheering for a poll watcher being kicked out of the room?

Why exactly would you be so happy that a poll watcher is being kicked out?


100 Percent Trustworthy - No Bias Here

Interestingly, in multiple states and oddly enough during the Witches Hour, mysterious ballots arrive and brought inside without oversight. Nothing to see here...

Regarding the mysterious drop offs...

Some people are aware of the corruption...

With Nancy Pelosi winning handily in California - Surely, corruption is rife - I mean, nothing to see here either - (After polls closed)

A few other instances and the crazy thing is...there is plenty more evidence out there. Perhaps, a follow up may be needed. We shall see.

More votes than registered voters?? Okay...same people that say 2 + 2 = 5 probably

The unbelievable aspect of this election - is the fact that these are only a few examples of the widespread and rampant corruption taking place right before our eyes.

This needs to be investigated and we need election reform - true election reform. We do not need the democrats making the voter laws more lenient - the absurdity of what is happening within the United States is mind boggling. Although, if choas was their plan all along...they succeeded.

The National Guard is activated in the contested states and at this point military intervention to ensure an accurate recount may be exactly what we need. Let me know what you think...

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