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Election Shenanigans - Part 2

One thing I do know for sure...they will try to erase all of these clips from existence.

While they are claiming that Joe Biden is the 46th President Of The United States...more and more clips of sketchy people doing sketchy things continue.

However, the media and Big Tech need to remind us all that we shouldn't believe our eyes...nothing to see here.

Let's start with Project Veritas

Another whistle-blower from the Post Office in Erie, Pennsylvania.

A registered Democrat Poll Watcher couldn't believe his eyes...the integrity of the U.S Presidential Election is not a partisan issue.

Sketchy people doing sketchy things...

This lady continued filling out ballots for over an hour...doesn't seem as if she is merely correcting issues. In my opinion - which apparently differs from some online - no ballot should be altered in anyway.

Illegal Ballot Harvesting (Houston,TX)

With all of the evidence of malfeasance, despite what the media and big tech claim, this election is not over.

To alleviate a little bit of the stress and to put the possibility of being sent to a truth and reconciliation trial for your indefensible stance on freedom (only half kidding) here's a clip of CNN being caught checking out PornHub.

That dudes face is priceless. Stay positive - this isn't over. One thing I do know for sure is that if this sham of an election is allowed to stand and they are allowed to get away with this, anyone who sat back and cheered or just allowed it to take place, will end up on the wrong end of it. Eventually, an election will be stolen from them in the same manner as this sets a new precedent.

Welcome to the NWO.


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