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Election Fraud: Part 5

I am just going to post the clips - Check out the bullshit below

First, lets start with some MK Ultra style programming...remember going through the legal process to contest fraud - "Is dangerous to our democracy"

Not a good idea...

How is that politicians and the agents within the Alphabet Agencies not know about these companies. No one thought, "Hey, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to allow other politicians control the countries voting systems?" Especially, allow the Clinton's access? Does this make sense to anyone?

A dog voted...PETA would be proud

Social points exchanged for charges

Dominion changing vote tallies PA closely

Dominion - the root of the issue

Who allowed this to take place?

John Solomon on Dominion

Worked in the Obama Administration - Currently on the board of the parent company of CNN and apparently he has control of the United States Election System.

Dominion ties to Clinton Global Initiative

Don't give in...


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