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December 12, 2020 - Entering A New Stage In Civil War

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Today in Washington DC, during a mix between a “Stop The Steal Rally” and a “Trump Rally,” Antifa began to assemble and brawl with Trump Supporters – This is the beginning of what is turning out to be a night full of violence.

Clashes continued throughout the day.

At the end of one of the fights, The Proud Boys ended up walking away with a black lives matters banner.

Once the group got together; with what can only be described as a symbol and as a rebuttal to antifa and black lives matter burning the United States Flag, they burned the banner – thoroughly.

Antifa proceeds with their usual tactics of attacking innocent civilians, sucker-punches, and mob beatings.

Antifa also brought their typical tools for intimidation...fireworks.

A brawl breaks out.

A member of The Proud Boys is stabbed.

The suspect in the stabbing surrounded and eventually takes a beating himself.

The Proud Boys begin to come in from all directions and end up trapping antifa inside a one-block radius with nowhere left to go. The police attempt to separate the two, but with how things have progressed throughout the day and with the stabbings, there is no way to tell how long they will be able to hold the makeshift dividing line.

A report is coming through indicating multiple people have been stabbed in another incident.

The situation is continuing to escalate and will continue to do so. There is no way to tell where this will go. After the shooting of Jay Danielson in Portland, the murderer claimed he executed the first shot in the second civil war. This topic has been coming up as of late, along with talks of secession from The United States. We are in strange times, and it sounds absurd to say, but we are all living in a monumental moment in American History.

We have politicians who have direct ties to Communist China and have been caught colluding with the CCP to indirectly overthrow the Government. We have a large portion of the public being lied to by the mainstream media, leaving them unaware of what is actually happening on the streets, and we have democrat foot-soldiers causing damage to local businesses, assaulting innocent, men, women, and children in the streets and in some cases committing murder in the name of their cause.

These clashes are happening all over the United States throughout the year and have directly influenced the political climate. With everything that has been happening, seemingly in sequential order, every incident has contributed to leading us to this moment.

The situation in Olympia, Washington continued along a similar trajectory all day.

Eventually, the rising tensions and violence lead to a shooting.

With everyone waking up to what is really happening within our nation, and with the political establishment’s useful idiots inciting violence in the streets, people are going to continue to stand up to the tyranny. We will see more escalations, and tonight could prove to be a mere primer for the events to come. I still believe that President Trump will have a second term; they cant hide the truth any longer. Everyone will eventually find out about Hunter Biden’s Laptop revelations, the election fraud, foreign interference with the assistance of sitting elected leaders, the medias propaganda still holding sway over a portion of the population, the political establishments’ many ties to the CCP, the proof that Chinese spies have infiltrated the United States Government, the blatant disregard for our citizen’s well-being and wishes in regards to The Great Reset, and abuse of our constitutional rights during the lock-downs, we are heading towards a cataclysmic event. We are at the moment in time that will define our nation for the next century. It may sound strange now, but we are fighting for the republic as we know it. The civil war may not be fought on a battlefield, but rather 5th-dimensional warfare. It may be left to judicial battles and information warfare, but I am slowly starting to believe that it will eventually lead to a more hot conflict.

In the video this week, for a moment, I talk about how several people have joked about our universe splitting off into two different timelines. This is usually referenced to the political sphere simply because the nation’s views on current events can only be described as polar opposites. I believe most of that division is directly related to the political establishments talking points and their degradation of the education system. There has to be a way to open their eyes, reveal just how vital our constitutional rights are before a real tyrant comes into power, and reminds them of what actual tyranny is. Unfortunately, with our politicians selling us out to global entities for compliance in The Great Reset, it is an uphill battle. It seems people are willing to fight for the end of freedom, and the rest of us are willing to fight for it. We are in for some dark days…but in the end, the light always conquers the darkness.

Do not go gently into that goodnight…freedom isn’t free.

Update: New clip showing the individual with the knife


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