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Covid-1984: Australian News Report Resembles A Dystopian Film

A recent report by Nine News in Australia provides a glimpse into a fallen nation that has succumbed to police tyranny in the name of Covid-19.

“It’s those doing the wrong things driving our record case numbers,” an anchor told Australians.

The first story covered in the report followed a man who allegedly tested positive for Covid and entered an elevator by himself. The man is now said to be on the run, with police searching for him and a warrant being issued for his arrest.

Next, the national news channel aired a video of teenagers handcuffed by police for “partying after dark” near the beach. Several officers and a police helicopter were used to arrest the eight teens who were given $1,000 fines. New South Wales police said they issued 681 penalty infringement notices over a 24-hour period.

Over half of the fines officers handed out to citizens were in relation to people being outside their homes without a “reasonable excuse.” The next person to be harassed by Australian national media was professional rugby player Josh Dugan. Nine News explained Dugan was found “a long way from Sydney” by police who pulled him over in Lithgow.

After police told Dugan to head back to Sydney, he was later pulled over again headed in the wrong direction. Criminal charges have been filed against Dugan because people living in the Greater Sydney area are not allowed to travel more than five kilometres from their homes. “It’s getting harder and harder to hide if you’re doing the wrong thing,” a Nine News anchor told viewers.

The anchor focused on the construction industry next, saying, “Workers [are] sent home if their paperwork isn’t in check.” The network filmed a “random blitz” as construction workers had to show their “QR check-in as well as identification and vaccination records.”

One of the workers was sent home for not providing the documentation. This dystopian news report comes as Sydney, Australia goes into a stricter lockdown on Monday. The new restrictions were announced due to four individuals dying of Covid last week. Three of the four people who died were in their 80s, one was in his 70s, and three of the four had received at least one vaccination.

Using these deaths as a catalyst, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a 9 am to 5 pm curfew, a one-hour masked workout period, more store closures and all classes moving online.

Harsh restrictions and a technocratic police state are coming to Europe and North America soon, so let Australia be a warning.

In the near future, here in the United States, we may be protesting the very same tyrannical lock-downs.

If you notice, the entire world is following the same agenda, the same lock-down strategy, and they are moving in Lock - Step towards a Global Authoritarian System.

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