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China Accused of Developing ‘Brain Control Weaponry’

The US has accused China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences of helping the Chinese military to develop “brain-control” weapons.

On Thursday, the US Commerce Department put the research institutes on the “entity list,” which bans US companies from exporting technology that originated in America to the Chinese institutions.

“China is choosing to use these technologies to pursue control over its people and its repression of members of ethnic and religious minority groups,” said Gina Raimondo, US commerce secretary.

According to a senior US official, China was using bio-technologies to develop applications that included “gene editing, human performance enhancement [and] brain-machine interfaces.”

The more troubling aspect to this though, is the fact, every nation is doing this & they are using "Disease Control" as the crux.

This is the main reason behind the 4th industrial revolution and the "health passes." This is not about your health...this is about complete control.

They will use bio-metrics and medical surveillance to influence behavior. The push for a digital world increases chances of complete control over populations. All of this equates to unimaginable suffering and a global authoritarian regime.

Technocracy Rising.


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