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Chaos Across The World: May Day (Communist Holiday) Riots!

On May 1, 2021, communists from around the world began wreaking havoc to show their dedication to an ideology rooted in destruction.

May Day – The Communist Holiday!

The funny thing to me is this...quite a few individuals who consider themselves "intellectuals" push an intellectually hollow ideology and trick individuals with sub-par intellect into following them into the abyss of government control and misery.

The annual marches began in 1886 when more than 300,000 people in the United States ditched work to protest in favor of an eight-hour workday, a battle that had begun two years earlier.

Now, every year on May 1, unions and anarchists worldwide gather to cause mayhem and havoc in the streets.

The Communists were ordered off Congress Avenue after blocking an intersection in downtown Austin.

Now, for those who claim that Antifa is a myth (such as Democrat Politician Jerry Nadler), below are clips taken from several countries, showing that Antifa is an international organization acting as the foot soldiers of the elite. The same elite are vying for a controlled collapse of society. By using these useful idiots as pawns in their game, allowing them to roam free to burn cities down across the world, they are persecuting anyone who dares to hold the opposite political belief. They are creating a two-tier justice system, and this is how things begin to break down and lend credence to the thought that we are headed into Mad Max territory soon.

Let's first look at the international scenes.



Berlin, Germany...


Seattle, Washington

These are just a few clips too. These groups, full of communist ideologues, marched through Portland, New York City, Mexico, and Los Angeles, to name a few more.

The Communists praised mass murderers Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and proudly paraded around photos of Karl Marx.

Communism killed more than 200 million people in the 20th century by some estimates, but after decades of leftist indoctrination in schools, Americans are openly demanding Communism.

I still feel that most people find these views abhorrent and intellectually derelict; however, as the education system continues to fall apart, we should continue to show individuals the truth. We should have an honest debate that includes historical facts and the dangers of giving up our rights to the government.

The sad thing is, once the world governments no longer have any use for these morons, they will be the first ones dealt with, discarded, and tossed off to the margins, bloody and beaten.

It’s how tyrannical governments work; they use the citizens against each other and then move in to sweep up the leftover pieces.

I believe these individuals don’t even realize they are being used and are contributing to furthering oppressive government regimes around the world…they make actually think they’re the good guys.

Tragic stupidity.


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