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CCP Testing QR Codes For Identification: Basis For Digital ID

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In this clip you will see children living within the tyrannical CCP regime - lining up for school with QR codes hanging around their necks for identification.

In case you were wondering - the entire reason for the vaccine is to get people a "digital id" which is verified with a unique QR code. It's not about your health...this is about control.

If the "world leaders" truly want to create an entirely new system, reset the old, replace with the tyrannical, then they need to have every single person to "buy in" to this new system.

They need to have everyone logged in and participating in this new digital system, each person with their own personal unique QR code, and using their new digital economic system.

Operation Lock-Step.

They are all moving towards a global authoritarian system. This is a plan. This is the future they want for humanity.


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