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CCP Celebrates 100 year anniversary & US Media Fawns Over The Regime

American television network CNN calls the communist dictator of China a "real star," while repeatedly accusing former U.S. President Trump of authoritarian tendencies in the past.

Ah...the propaganda machine. The reason why censorship is such a potent target & assumed goal of the establishment is because we can use their BS against them and show people how they manipulate the masses.

Through their obvious lies and insane propensity towards protecting tyrants - we will wake up the by one.

Dinesh D'Souza asked:

I would actually bet they are paid by the CCP to put out this kind of propaganda - what would happen if we did an audit of Media, Universities, Corporate America, Politicians & Political Organizations financial documents?

Well, more than likely we would find deep ties to the CCP & may even uncover direct links to specific operations.

We have some serious issues to deal with & the unfortunate truth that we have to come to terms with is the fact that the Chinese Government has infiltrated every aspect of our government, our media, and our private corporations. They have laid the ground work for a complete take over...without ever having to fire a shot.


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