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Biden's Tyrannical Regime: Domestic Terrorist List Includes Everyone

Joe Biden & The Tyrannical Rogue Regime Released A List Of Domestic Terror Targets & It Looks Like Everyone Fits That Description. They Will Go After Anyone Who Opposes Their Power Grab.

This is crazy. They are consolidating power & just as other tyrannical governments throughout history - they will go after their political opponents. Just so happens...this time EVERYONE is on their list!!

"Harmful to society" really adds the icing to the dystopia.

Anarchist or Patriot = Gulag

Pro Life or Pro Choice = Gulag

Environmentalist or Libertarian Survivalist = Gulag

Anti Govt or Just Doesn't Approve Of The Govt = Gulag

Racist or Not Diverse Enough = Gulag

Literally Everyone Else = Gulag

Do you really think they will use discretion or constitutional law? They will get you to accept it and slowly ramp up their pursuit. Slowly, they will come after anyone who opposes their regime, taking small steps, steps that most won't recognize as drastic...until it's too late. Complacency & believing "they wont come after me" is how its done. This has been the playbook throughout history and we are repeating that history now.

What I mean is this...people say "Well, it says that it only applies if the people are violent" Words are considered violence now. If you speak out against the government & their insane policies = they come after you.


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