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Biden Claims He Will "Develop A Disease And Resign"

Well, this is what will happen 6 months into his "Presidency" if the Democrats manage to pull off the de facto coup de tat. He has no filter...this isn't a hypothetical. The Democrat establishment has had this conversation with Joe Biden already. He will step down and allow the take over to be completed. However, they won't get away with the steal! But imagine for a moment that they do...can you imagine what sort of plan would make the Big Guy mysteriously "develop" a disease and resign on a moral stance?

Hell on earth.

It's the only speculation to be made. Beijing Biden has never taken a moral stance before in his career. If selling out the nation to China, the odd sniffing of kids, the sexual assault, the bribes, the blackmail fodder his family creates, and ironically, his racist tendencies haven't caused him to take a moral stance… it's hard to imagine what could.

They are planning something much more horrific to jump-start The Great Reset.

We can’t let them...

Could there be any more proof that he is nothing more than a puppet for the Deep State?

It’s a little worrying that a lot of people do not realize what they are walking into, and all I can say is that if the people don’t demand freedom, then it will be lost, and the ones who actually voted for this sh*t show will regret it.


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