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Australia: It has begun.

Do you remember your first impression of the "Well Camp Quarantine Centers" infomercials? Well, the moment I watched that clip for the first time I found myself wondering when events would progress toward actually rounding up citizens? I wondered how long it would take for these corrupt political figures to take the next step and force innocent civilians into these camps...that moment is here.

Australia is now ordering the military to round up citizens and take them to the camps against their will. This has gone too far. However, the rhetoric is only escalating. They are demonizing an entire group of people and increasingly using more and more threatening language.

In this clip you will see an Australian bureaucrat take it to the next level by re-defining what constitutes an "anti-vaxxer" and when doing so he also gives the impression that anyone who falls into this category is less than human.

The entire world is uncharted territory. At the very least this generation is in uncharted territory, for we have not experienced anything like this before, the last time, of course, occurred during World War Two.

Anyone who says that they aren't uneasy about this whole situation, that they aren't a little worried about where is goes, simply does not understand the gravity of the situation.

We are watching as history repeats...

This has already progressed too far and now I am afraid that this only ends with world wide calamity.


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