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Amsterdam Unleashes The Dogs On Protestors & Beats Them With Batons

Thousands of people in the Netherlands defied a ban on assembling and demonstrated Sunday against the Dutch government’s coronavirus lockdown measures, gathering on a central square before marching toward a park in Amsterdam.

A small group of demonstrators briefly clashed with riot police as officers worked to clear the crowd from Museum Square based on an order from Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema. Reporters at the scene saw at least one person being detained.

Most outlets will not report on the true scope of the violence that is being perpetrated against protestors and without the videos being shared on social media...we would have no idea.

The videos coming out of the tyrannical regimes are disturbing and it perfectly indicates why censorship is such a high priority for these sociopathic leaders. If the establishment is allowed to suppress speech - we will never know the horrors being committed against innocent people.

This is happening all over the world and with the media being in their back pocket...the only way for the truth to get out is by civilians releasing first hand video of the atrocities.


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