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Alison McDowell - The Digitization Of Education. It's A Trick + Expanding On The Overall Agenda.

Alison McDowell Video Clip...

"School choice is a Trojan Horse for blockchain vouchers tied to smart contract payment systems and impact data collection. The new system will enable community surveillance under the guise of "accountability." Online learning is AI training; it's coming after ALL the children."

Now...I just want to talk about the overall agenda for a second.

The 4th Industrial Revolution will lead to a "fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”

The Metaverse is tied into this as well - as Alison states.

It sounds strange but an entirely digital existence with a digital economy is the goal...

This will enable 24/7 medical surveillance & the health passes will harvest all bio-metric data on blockchain tech. This will also lead to predictive policing (tech already being tested) and the entire world will constitute a digital prison.

Sound fun?

Nope. Stand up now.

I'll add - recently I found out that the Rockefeller foundation is funding multiple projects to develop the smart grid & begin implementation of smart cities.

Again, everyone will be linked via health passes & once you're on that grid; it will aid in rendering free will moot.

The smart grid, smart cities, linked via health passes, and tied to your "digital identity" helps with rendering free will moot - because this is the key to starting the social credit scores and taxing you based on carbon output.


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